Welcome to Primo

Ready to rumble content managed website skeleton built with Prismic and Mezzio

Content management concept

Much Grooviness

Prismic is a fantastic platform and technology agnostic headless CMS service that is great experience for non-technical writers. It's our go-to solution for content management and this skeleton serves as a useful foundation for those of us who want a super-fast website that isn't written entirely in Javascript. Mezzio (formerly Expressive) is the bomb and we love it. So this is the (one of) the fruits of pairing the two together.

What is this?

The "Primo Skeleton" is effectively the Mezzio Skeleton with some opinionated choices made, some extra dependencies added, wrapped up and sugar coated as a starting point for new website projects.

It tries hard to keep it simple to change those choices, should you want to, by not shipping too much and relying on the various PSRs to enable easy substitution.

Yeah, but what it this?

Oh, well, what you're looking at is the default installation of the Primo skeleton, hooked up to a Prismic repository containing the "documentation" for this.

If you're wondering why "Primo"? It's just a contraction on Prismic and Mezzio that also happens to be a dictionary word meaning the lead in a duet. Which one the lead is, I'm not completely sure.