There's a bit of overlap here in the docs between the Primo library and the skeleton… But hey ho…

The docs are, as always a work in progress. If you are actively using the skeleton, or the integration library to develop something more specific, reach out on GitHub with any questions and we can use the opportunity to answer it by updating these docs.

Forthcoming Docs & Planned Features

Previews: Live previews for content editors just kind of work out of the box, but there a few config items that are worth discussing and also pointing you in the right direction as to how to set this up…

Full Text Searching: Currently considering whether to build this into the skeleton or not by default as it's pretty app specific and trivial to implement. You may not want or need it and there are likely quite a few site-specific constraints around how it's implemented.

Running in Swoole: makes things pretty quick - it's probably worth documenting that setup

Routing: writing up how routes are configured, which is also useful for translations.


Content Model: The skeleton ships with concrete models for document types but these are not absolutely required for simple templating.